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Nursery Rhymes, Games and Folksongs

Nursery Rhymes, Games and Folksongs

Some notes on me: Born in Virginia 1918. Mother's side of family from Virginias. Father's side from the Carolinas. Family moved to California, when I was two years old. Grew up in California. Heard my grandmother sing folksongs as a child, had an interest in them at an early age. Met Woody Guthrie in California in 1939. We traveled up and down California singing together in the Fruit Pickers lamps (sic) and Saloons. We have been close friends ever since. We shipped out together in the Merchant Marines during the war. I also have studied acting and have acted in Summer Stock, Broadway, T.V. and Pictures. Have sung in nightclubs, schools, colleges, and concert halls. Had my own T.V. shows and a five day a week radio show over The Mutual Network. Been coast to coast at least thirty times. Also traveled a good part of the world. Always interested in meeting new people and hearing songs I haven't heard.

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