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Jim & Jean's 3 LPs

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Jim and Jean Sing and Play 6 and 12 String Guitar

  1. Relax Your Mind: Huddie Ledbetter
  2. My Ramblin' Boy: Tom Paxton
  3. Welcome, Welcome Emigrante: Buffy Ste. Marie
  4. Hold On To Me, Babe: Tom Paxton
  5. Blackfly Song (In North Ontar-i-o): Wade Helmsworth
  6. Alabama Bound: Huddie Ledbetter
  7. The Bells: Edgar Allen Poe/Phil Ochs
  8. Black Girl: Adapted and Arranged by Jim and Jean
  9. Take It Slow And Easy: Adapted and Arranged by Jim and Jean
  10. There But For Fortune: Phil Ochs
  11. Sadie Brown: J. Elliott
  12. Rider: Adapted and Arranged by Jim and Jean


  1. Loneliness: Jim Glover
  2. Tonight I Need Your Lovin': Eric Andersen
  3. It's Really Real: Jim Glover
  4. Grand Hotel: David Blue
  5. Crucifixion: Phil Ochs
  6. Changes: Phil Ochs
  7. Flower Lady: Phil Ochs
  8. About My Love: David Blue
  9. Strangers In A Strange Land: David Blue
  10. One Sure Thing: Jim Glover
  11. Lay Down Your Weary Tune: Bob Dylan

People World

  1. Topanga Road: Jim Glover
  2. Success: Jim Glover
  3. What's That Got To Do With Me?: Jim Glover
  4. Get Out Of My Mind: Jim Glover
  5. Ringing Of Revolution: Phil Ochs
  6. Hanoi Hoe-Down: Jim Glover
  7. The Planet June: Jim Glover
  8. Playground: Jim Glover
  9. Time Goes Backwards: Jim Glover
  10. Sweet Water: ? Miller
  11. Cross My Heart: Phil Ochs
  12. People World: Jim Glover

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