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Someone asked me if Friend and Lover were another name for Jim and Jean. I asked Jim, and he replied:

Friend and Lover is another Duo. Reach Out in the Darkness was a hit single and album and maybe if you did a search on it or Jim Post you will find more.

They were are neat folks and they used to Play the Earl Of Old Town along with all of us folk singers in Chicago in the 70's. I forget the women's name but the man was Jim Post. Sometime after they broke up I booked Jim Post at some concerts I was putting together in Hyde Park at a big Church of Christ there and we called it the "Sanctuary" because that is were we held the concerts in the Sanctuary or main hall of the church.

Some of the other people I recall who played were Corky Siegel's band, (Siegel Schwall blues band), Brian Bowers and Jamie Brockett. I played too and was the MC and it was pretty cool and was the biggest folk venue in town for a year or so.

I almost convinced Phil Ochs to Play there but he didn't like that it was in a church. It was hard to deal with all the politics of Church Life for a Flaming Super Liberal like me but it was great while it lasted....That's life!

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