Friday, March 20, 1992

No school for the students but plenty for the teachers. Today was in in-service day that both taught a new type of lesson and had a number of other pieces attached to it. We had a meeting talking about test sores and ways to improve them, including providing breakfast and paying students, having a pizza party for the class that does best. However, problems exist. We won't get the scores before the end of the year and we do not want to start the idea of paying students for their work. Thank goodness, for that lesson, you don't do anything unless you get paid, is the most disturbing idea in today's money-driven world. I was bored by their comments, I cannot believe these are new ideas to them.

The lesson plan was about infusing environmental themes into regular class work. We had a book that discussed a variety of ways in which this could be done and then we had to select a lesson and give a brief synopsis of how we could implement such a lesson. They were not very interested in the project, though the book itself had many good ideas about creating awareness of resources and forests. I would like to have a copy of the book someday, when I have a shelf to put these books on. Someday, I may have a room and a place to work; when I do I will thrilled by my opportunities.

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