Thursday, February 20, 1992

A rather uneventful day in many ways. We finished worksheets in Hours 1 & 2, and I had an extra credit vocabulary worksheet that those who were finished could work with. Though many were finished, none worked on it for more than a few seconds. They just don't have much interest in doing anything they want me to tell them what to put on the test and then give them a test asking exactly what I told them I would ask in the manner I told them I would ask it. I am not interested in this and I am doing my best to tell them. But it is a consistent battle. Hour 3, with only 3 kids in it, was a review, chat, historical overview of Socialism, English history, Henry VIII, etc. They had a good conversation and I think that we are making progress. I hope they are not faking but really want what they seem to want. It is great to see them going toward something.

Hour 5 was rude surly and chaotic After school I was talking with several teachers and I am going to create a very rigid point schedule based on both behavior and work. It is a shame that a student can pass by doing nothing, and can get an A by doing very little. It somehow seems weird that an A at East is worth the same as an A in Lincoln (at least as far as scholarships etc. are concerned). Anyway, tomorrow we shall explain and institute what we have. I hope they're interested.

Hour 6 was vocal and talkative, with some of it directed towards work. We had the 50 common prepositions on the wall and I went around the room having each student orally create a sentence using the preposition correctly. But they were reluctant to pay attention other than when it was their turn. They are good students when it is absolutely necessary.

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