Rose preservative:


  1. 12 oz of any brand lemon-lime soda (not diet)
  2. 12 oz water
  3. 1/2 tsp bleach or mouthwash
  4. 1 drop dishwashing liquid (in hard water areas)


  1. Remove leaves under the water level
  2. Make diagonal cut with sharp knife 1" from end
  3. If in water vials, remove them and then cut

  4. Make sure the cut portion of the stem is under water or florist foam is saturated

If the roses start to wilt prematurely

  1. Make another cut 1" from end
  2. Submerge entire flower, stem and foliage in slightly warm water
  3. Straighten any bent necks

I am not a florist or horticulturalist. I read these instructions for preserving cut roses in our paper, and wanted to keep them somewhere where they wouldn't get lost. I don't expect anyone to find them, but if you do, I sure hope they are useful to you!

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