John Derbyshire Quotations

John Derbyshire

EDUCATION, n. The activity engaged in by members of teachers unions, in the brief intervals between political lobbying, skills-enhancement sabbaticals, etc.

I have heard about the teenage pastime known as "hanging out at the mall," but I had never really witnessed it in all its full ugliness and pointlessness. The male teenagers were all trying to look like ghetto toughs; the female ones like whores. Neither effort was very convincing. Eavesdropping on their talk, I got a strong impression that this was the left-hand side of the Bell Curve that I was seeing. Even so, it's hard to imagine why suburban kids from nice homes would disport themselves in these unsightly and degrading ways. What on earth is happening to us?

JUDICIARY, n. A body of citizens charged with making those laws that Congress has omitted to make.

MULTICULTURALISM, n. The doctrine that persons of European ancestry are morally inferior to all other human beings.

OZZIE AND HARRIET, n. Representatives of the false consciousness prevalent in the United States prior to the liberating movements of the 1960s. A married couple with no powers of imagination or self-awareness, trapped in such delusions as that unblemished domesticity is a satisfactory lifestyle, or that child-raising is best conducted with minimal state interference.

PEACE PROCESS, n. The handing over of a liberal, constitutional order to terrorists and gangsters, conducted so slowly that outsiders lose all interest.

[T]here are no actual human beings in the lefty world-view, only Interests, Classes, Minorities, and Historical Forces.