Jay Charles Quotations

Jay Charles

A key innovation of psychiatry was the discovery that your problems are not your fault, but the failings of your parents. How interesting that the left never sees fault in themselves but all fault originating on the right. In a sense, they see themselves as children and the right as their parents.

A premise of "Many people are wrong about a topic" does not lead to the conclusion "No one is right about it."

Become the person you'd like to have as your friend, teacher, boss or mentor.

Businesses stay open for business by solving people's problems. Government stays open for business not by solving problems, but by maintaining them.

Can you imagine any other group of employees offering the excusesteachers make? "We can't do the job with what you give us. The kids are too dumb, they don't want to learn, they won't read, they watch too much TV, they play too many video games, they stay up too late, their parents don't care, the streets are too enticing, they don't eat well. It's hopeless. So give us a raise, some more money and let's keep things just as they are."

For many a lady, not coloring her hair is at least as much affectation as dying it would be.

Great literature breathes, the result of human experience filtered through a powerful imagination. Mediocre literature is that same experience processed through a limp imagination. It moves around, but can not sing. Bad literature is the human experience dumped on the floor.

If a swimmer swims, a killer kills, a player plays and a singer sings, does that mean that a mother moths?

If liberty means the ability to say "no" to the powers-that-be, it must also mean the liberated person will admit "That 'no' was wrong" if it proves to be.

In the laboratory of the left, unlike any other lab, the practitioners assume no willl come of any action and confidently steam ahead, and then, if things don't occur as anticipated, they blame something else and happily say "See, we old you no harm would come of this."

It is often said that the true test of character is what a man will do when he knows he will not be found out. But maybe a better test would be what a man does when he can do what he wants. License reveals character far more than the light.

Liberals have never accepted the fact that the world is not fair. Some people are born to wealth in Chicago, some to poverty in Dubuque. This cosmic injustice galls them; so much so, in fact, that they seek to use that Chicagoan's money to remedy it.

No wonder old people are cranky. They grew up following the mantra that elders were to be respected, and did it all the way, knowing their time would come. But when they finally rose to the top of the heap, the rules changed. Elders are not only no longer respected, they are actively scorned.

People inevitably disappoint us, and unfortunately, the more we care about them, the more painful the disappointment.

The art community imagines itself an oppressed minority, a band of starving garret-dwellers fighting the good fight for art, the poor, justice and equality, all the while living in guarded estates, traveling first class, eating the most expensive dinners and drinking the most extravagant wines, though they do keep the beloved poor gainfully employed as gardeners and waiters.

The good thing about the children being grown and out of the house is that you can have loud crazy sex in any room of the house. The bad thing is that you're no longer all that interested in sex.

The left believes that all American military advertures overseas are secretly materialist because they can not acknowledge any motivation other than economic. Generosity, patriotism, helpfulness, even love of mankind are all dubious to them. The individuals who died on foreign shores all died in some secret scheme to make money; there must have been a hidden gain, some covert money grab.

There are only two possible explanations for modern art. Either those who create and support it are very clever people who are putting us on and gleefully taking our money, or they are morons who truly believe this crap has merit. Either option is too depressing to think about.

Too many people treat kind words as if they're being charged to use each one.

You know that big stack of paper you're going to sort and file on the next rainy day? Well, your descendants will probably be the ones asked to do that job, and I guarantee you, they're going to toss them all. Why not save them the trouble? Go ahead and do it for them now.