Carleton School, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1960

Anyone know any of these people?

Mrs Floyd! The perfect kindergarten teacher. Kind when she needed to be kind, stern, though gently so, when we needed discipline. I loved her. I still love her. I loved school then, as almost every kid does. It takes a few years to destroy that in most cases, a few days in some, but if I had had Mrs. Floyd every year I never would have grown tired of school. I remember learning about evaporation. We had jars of water and marked the level of the water every day with a crayon. Oh, how I wanted to be chosen to do that task. We germinated beans and watched them grow. We listened to her read. She conveyed love of learning, love of us, love for each other. Life was simple and good. Could there ever be a better kindergarten teacher?

Jim Clark
Top left.

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I'd love to fill in some more names here.

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