Carleton School, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1963

Anyone know any of these people?

The memories of Mrs. Baumgartner are few but wonderful. She told us she was 60 years old, a fact dutifully relayed to my parents. They went to parent-teacher conference and came home laughing. She was younger than they, and they were pretty young. She told us she played the violin. I have no idea if she was telling the truth, but how exotic! We learned our times tables with her. I badly wanted to get all the way through first. We had a large brown sheet of paper with our names on one side and 1 through 12 across the top. We got a sticker for each number completed. Someone beat me to 12, and I was crushed. I saw that sticker in the 12 column and felt horribly defeated, but pressed on and was, I think, the second one to get through all the way to 12. Not much consolation in second prize on that quest though.

Jim Clark
Third row, fourth from right.

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I'd love to fill in some more names here.

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