Deathless Prose

Welcome to my writing home. I will be placing both fiction and essays here, as I feel they are worth sharing with whatever tiny chunk of the world seems appropriate.

Shameless Begging

We have volunteered to run a marathon for charity. Read the gory details Here.


A new category

  1. Evolution's Faulty Time Trame I don't believe in Darwinian macro-evolution. Here's one reason why.
  2. My Journey Through Pacifism I once thought I knew it all, now I hope not to humiliate myself.
  3. Prayer Whom should we forgive, and why?

Opinions and General Rants

The Perpetual Curmudgeon Speaks. Mr. PC clarifies right and wrong!

  1. Kansas City Schools Yet another unpublished letter to the editor. An eternal mess.
  2. A trip to San Jose Produces many surprises, including the fact that Kansas is now part of Colorado!
  3. Blood Bank Questions They ask a lot, but do they ever find anything out?
  4. A Response The left likes nothing more than a "reformed" conservative (just as they despise nothing more than a reformed liberal) I received an e-mail about one such reformer, and attempt to deflate his arguments.
  5. AOL Knows How To Satisfy Their Customers
  6. Pointing fingers There are no bad words. No bad ideas. Just bad behaviors. And those who behave badly are the responsible parties. Stop blaming movies. Slavery. Racism. Blame those who do the bad things here and now, not those who did the bad things there and then.
  7. Kansas City Schools As long as the Kansas City school board continues to fight racism, they will never educate our children.
  8. Why I Hate the Yankees Why Joe Torre is the perfect manager for a team destined to destroy baseball. Posted in Fall 2001; still true even if they didn't get to the Series this year.
  9. Just What Is True? Truth and sensitivity: A discussion between me and Randy Cassingham, publisher of "This is True".
  10. The Everybody Memorial Haven't written this one yet, but I will soon. Build a memorial to everyone who ever lived. That way no one is left out. No one's achievements slighted. No one is forgotten, denigrated, dismissed, undervalued or unappreciated. A big wall, really big!--with the names of everyone who ever lived in the US!

The Arts

  1. Sabotabby Do I like nothing but obscure stuff? Well, not deliberately, but this quartet/quintet from Canada makes some fine music!
  2. The Passion of the Christ How could I not have an opinion?
  3. Jim and Jean A charming folk duo from the 60s who released three LPs and vanished. What happened? Among other things, it grew into a cottage industry for me--see all my links and photos and CD buying info.
  4. Bad Books Or at least one. Beverly Barton is a MAJOR, bestselling author. Her book jackets tell us so! So why does something so bad get published? The same reason nearly everything on TV is stupid, because people want it!
  5. Kemper Museum A sometimes wonderful, sometimes dreadful museum hits a new low. Sharon Louden, a woman of high confidence and low sensibility, presents a silly exhibit that offers nothing but annoyance and pretension.
  6. Bedazzled A rough draft of a someday-to-be-completed essay about how one film does a majesterial job describing man's relationship to God.
  7. Detention into Very Special Ed For those who say I never like any movies, proof to the contrary. Andy Anderson created a fine film not once, but twice!
  8. Sigur Ros An Icelandic band visits Kansas!
  9. The Rock-Year A new way to measure time that makes all those long times seem like nothing.
  10. Does Amazon Censor Its Reviews? A question I cannot answer, but one that looks interesting.
  11. Search Page Rules The surprising ways people find my G-rated content through search engines.


  1. New Roman Anti-Holiday No scooters, no Audrey Hepburn, just a tough trip in 1975.
  2. New The Munich Opera On the same trip. How many Germans did we offend?
  3. Celebrity Encounters The not-so-great demonstrate just how they got that way.
  4. The Journal Of The Plague Semester A student teacher's disappointment and dismay at East Agricultural Technology Magnet High School in Kansas City. (May have that name wrong, but it was something equally preposterous.)
  5. The Ice Storm of 2002 Pictures and my take. The most powerful storm I've experienced. Nature sure does hold all the cards.
  6. September 11 Everyone had an experience; I did too.
  7. Home Birth Evan has been a handful since he arrived...well, even before he got here!
  8. 1983 A year of tumult; get the details of Boise, 18% interest, and bad decisions piling on top of each other.


  1. Boot Camp Graduation An ironic trip in more ways than one. Chicago and the Navy.
  2. The Canadian Trip Way more than you want to know about our trip to Vancouver and Victoria in summer 2001. Photos coming soon.
  3. UK 2002 No prose yet, and if you're lucky there never will be, but lots of pictures. Our trip to Wales and England via car, Scotland on foot, and 4 days in London.

Restaurant Stories

  1. New Tennis Shoeing Eating fine dinners, letting someone else pay.
  2. The American Express Card Don't leave philosphy class without it!
  3. Medical Insights What happens when doctors are allowed in nice restaurants. The Compound in Santa Fe--home of many amusing tales.
  4. Blazing Tables Flame and fortune at Commander's Palace. Everything is true as described.

My Fiction

  1. Sowing A new boy at a tough school fits in better than expected.
  2. Recall A long lost son calls home.
  3. Royalty Part of novel-to-be about a student teacher in an urban school. A talent show goes right.
  4. Bingo Was Her Name-O Another piece of the student teacher novel. Bingo night yields a surprise.

School Memories....

  1. Mrs. Baumgartner's 1962-63 Class Boy, are there some mugs there!
  2. Mrs. Floyd's 1960 Class And me, next to the teacher again. Is that an accident?
  3. Franklin School Honor Society: 1968 A plethora of fashion statements and sullen expressions. Nutley's finest!
  4. 1971 New Jersey Boy's State My usual squint, no other names I remember, but an interesting photo.

Not mine (other than a few additions) but delightful nevertheless.
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