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  1. My Stuff The autobiography, the rants, the irritations, the charming, cuddly prose. It's somewhere, if not here.
  2. The Quote File Over 5000 random quotes, some humorous, some challenging, some provocative, all interesting. However, be warned, a large file.
  3. Favorite Quotees Over 300 of the most amusing or most prolific authors, removed from the big list and given their own page. Ben Franklin is the most popular. C.S. Lewis a close second.
  4. Student Teaching Journal A semester at East High School in Kansas City, a school with problems in a district with problems.
  5. Reference Material
  6. The Copyrighted Stuff Great prose that should be readily available, but isn't. The majority of my visitors start here.
  7. Hits & Misces The calendar page, as well as any other tidbits that show up.
  8. How to preserve cut roses